Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Welcome Back! 2013-14 - A Different Year!

I must say . . . I am EXCITED!!!       
I'm excited about the new school year,  I'm excited about the NEW Math TEKS, and I'm excited about the opportunity that change brings.
This will be a different year in the math world and I ask you to join us in this journey as we embrace change and commit to "doing something different"!

Over the past year we have worked collaboratively with our secondary counterparts, teachers and  administrators from across our great district to really define what is our vision for math in Leander ISD.  After reading a message from Cathy Seeley's book Faster Isn't Smarter we began to make more meaning of what a balanced math program should look like.  Balance is Basic

From this learning our district vision was born!

Leander ISD Math Vision

Make Sense of Math

Students build conceptual understanding through the intentional use of models to move through the mathematical cognitive processes of concrete, pictorial and abstract development.

Do the Math
Students develop proficiency with mathematical skills and tools that contribute to reasoning and understanding mathematical concepts.   

Use the Math 
Students apply mathematical understandings to solve authentic, multifaceted problems at varying levels of complexity. As students learn to persevere and become flexible problem solvers, they engage in math conversations that help solidify and justify their thinking. 

This school year, let's work together to make sure we plan and provide opportunities for each and every student to make sense of math, do the math and use the math.
Best of luck in the 2013-14 school year and get EXCITED about the difference you will make!  

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