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In Leander ISD we believe all students can become mathematically proficient.  Through problem-solving situations, students are building conceptual and content understanding while developing numerical fluency and mathematical vocabulary. A Leander math class is a student-centered learning environment where students are participating in hands-on activities with the use of manipulatives.  We encourage the use of multiple problem-solving strategies and math conversation that enables students to justify their thinking and determine reasonableness.  Most importantly, we want students to see math as challenging, fun, and doable!  

Dana Nathanson - Elementary Math Coordinator
This is my 15th year in education and my 4th year as the Elementary Math Coordinator.  I love learning and am passionate about math instruction in the classroom. 

Beth Chinderle - Elementary Math Curriculum Specialist
I enjoy bringing math alive in elementary classrooms by working with instructional coaches, teachers and students...using puppets! :)

Carol Rogers - Elementary Math Curriculum Specialist
I love math. I have been an educator for 26 years. Wow, how times flies when you do what you love! 

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