Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Is It All About The Answer?

SLOW DOWN and enjoy the math!  
The first goal in math should be the mathematics learned.  So let’s slow down, because it's NOT all about the answer.  

What can we do as educators to make it more about the process, the reasoning, the thinking, and the common sense of math? 

Your students will take your lead! 

Make it your mission to give your students the opportunity to talk, process with each other and share different strategies. 

There is much to be learned from the “wrong answer”.  Are we taking advantage of those “just in time” teaching moments? 

Here in Leander ISD, we believe in the fail forward philosophy.  Let’s live that philosophy in our math classrooms and let the children experience learning from analyzing their work and growing mathematically from the mistakes that occur.   

Take a look at how one teacher is capitalizing on this very idea . . .

This idea could also be used as an exit ticket . . . really the possibilities are endless!

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